Quiet Orchestra is a Los Angeles-based ensemble that champions freedom and expression through music. In March 2007, a collection of musicians with jazz, rock and indigenous folk backgrounds met for the first time in an East Los Angeles studio. During the next two days, they recorded a collection of interpretations and improvisations featuring two guitars, two keyboards, two drummers, a bass, ceremonial Batá from Cuba, a Kunchin singer, a glockenspiel choir – and everyone singing.  A collective twenty-plus members and growing, Quiet Orchestra exists to bring diverse musicians together and engage new frontiers of sound.




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This music free to share and remix under a

Creative Commons BY NC 3.0 License.

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Aaron Arntz - keyboards
Marcel Camargo - guitar
Nels Cline - guitar
Angel Figueroa - Itótele
Lázaro Galarraga - Iyá, vocals
Barbara Gruska - drums
Zach Harmon - drums, tabla
Gabe Noel - bass
Jasmine Orpilla - vocals
Bobby Wilmore - Okónkolo
John Wood - keyboards

Recorded on March 3-4, 2007 at Adler Sound Labs in Eagle Rock, CA.

Engineered by John Gillilan and Nate Wood.

Mixed and mastered by Nate Wood.

Produced by Gabe Noel.

Photography by Chris Lowell.